Lead Valley Range has come about for a number of reasons. We are all NRA instructors and, as we tried to teach advanced classes, we found it was very hard or nearly impossible. The ranges that already existed in the metro area either would not let us teach or wanted to charge such high prices that we would have to double our class fees. This was the start of an idea that a new range might be possible.

The next reason was the fact that the metro area had lost some ranges and there would be more losses in the next few years. With this knowledge and the desire to teach and have a great place to do so, we made the decision to look into building a range.

We talked to all our students as to what they wanted in a fun and great shooting range. With this information, we started looking for the right location and the ideal piece of property. After looking at many locations, we found what we believe to be the ideal spot. It is less that an hour from Denver and on a major highway with no chance of encroachment for a very long time.

We then started the design stage by, again, incorporating the input from our students and using all the resources that we could, like the NRA range source book and NSSF book. We also went to NRA range conferences so we could meet and learn from the experts in the difference fields like design, lead management and operations. We then put this information in to work.

What we decided to build was a range that would cover all disciplines of the shooting sports: pistol, shotgun and rifle and all aspects of competition. We also want it to be family friendly and an environment for learning and fun for all levels of shooters. This will be our continued goal.