This set of berms are a little different than what most shooters have use or seen on other ranges. The private berm will be in two sizes. One will be 30 feet wide by 120 feet deep and the other is about 16 feet wide by 120 feet deep. There will be 12 total when the range is finished. Each berm will have a 20 foot back stop and walls on each side of 8 feet in height.

The 30 foot range can be used for a variety of action shooting competitions. All of these berms will be used by any member at any time to shoot pistol, rifle, and shotgun.

When a member enters a berm they will be in control of that berm and only they will be shooting on it. They will set their targets to the back stop and then walk back from the target to the distance that they wish to shoot. This type of berm is like shooting in your own back yard.