The trap fields are laid out to ATA specifications so as to comply with all ATA competitions. They are set on a small arc so as to concentrate the shot fall zone to a smaller area thereby making lead recovery easier and more efficient.

We will install the traps as needed by the membership. Therefore, we will start with one trap and add more as the need starts to arise. We have the ability the have a total of seven traps.

Our idea is to make the range friendly to instruction and to competitors. This will be done by our instructors and the fact that we will be willing to set traps for any special problem that a competitor may have the need to practice.

Trap is a game that is shot with shotguns using clay pigeons as targets. A trapshooting round is normally made up of 25 birds or 25 pairs in a doubles round. The birds are thrown at various angles anywhere within the 44 o field. The shooter does not know what the angle will be.

There are three types of trapshooting ---- 16 yard singles, handicap, and doubles. In a 25 bird “singles” round, the shooter fires at five targets from each position before moving to the next.